Friday, October 14, 2005


Further to my deliberation about what vehicle to buy . . .

It's a Honda Accord Hybrid.

They are over-priced (as are all hybrids), but if you can buy one for $1,000 under dealer invoice (as I did), go for it.

Further, when I did the math, I concluded the Accord would save me $1,000 a year (and 253 gallons of fuel conserved) compared to my Mercedes wagon*. You might do some quick mental math and wonder why I calculated gas costs at $4 a gallon. I didn't. My Mercedes drank only unleaded premium, while the Accord sips unleaded regular -- yet its engines generate 51% more power than the Merc.

* For the bean counters, my assumptions were:
  • 20,000 miles a year
  • Regular costs $2.45
  • Premium costs $2.85
  • Mercedes averages 23.5 mpg (a real number)
  • Honda averages 33.5 mpg (probably a little conservative)


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