Friday, September 09, 2005


Weary. That's how I feel about Hurricane Katrina, and I'm more than 1,000 miles away from New Orleans. God knows how anyone within the strike zone feels.

My weariness is over the hand-wringing and nonsense being spouted by those who are even further away from New Orleans than I. Those who are saying the calamity was driven by racial motives deserve to burn in Hell.

I've been looking for someone to piece it together and I think (as usual) Krauthammer has done an admirable job today of assigning and prioritizing the "blame." He doesn't leave anyone out, so this isn't a defense of anyone -- everyone gets some share of the blame.

But enough already -- just bulldoze the place and either rebuild it or build elsewhere, but if you rebuild in place without addressing the long-term problem of the lack of survivability of the Mississippi delta system, don't ask for another US tax dollar to support your folly.


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