Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I agree with Patrick Ruffini that if Giuliani is going to be a political force in the 2008 presidential sweepstakes, he needs to begin making himself known.

I know that some Republicans believe Giuliani is too liberal, but having seen him up close and personal for many years as Mayor of what was a city in steep decline before his arrival at City Hall, he is precisely the type of candidate who can be a force for real change.

Today, maybe 75-80% of the energy against any initiative of the President is "anti-Bush" energy. It matters not whether the initiative has a speck of merit, it only matters to be against Bush. If we persist with this type of politics for another 3 1/2 years the country will be loathe to elect a candidate cut from the same mold as Bush. It's too tiring. What we'll wind up with is someone like McCain (whom the Democrats love), who'll then get clipped by Hillary -- and then what??

My recollection of Giuliani as Mayor (in a Democrat city) was there was never an "anti-Giuliani" sentiment. It was always a discussion or debate about the merits of the issues confronting the city. That's what we need at the national level.

There is something seriously, seriously wrong with our political process when I read stories about "anti-Bush" groups who have committed $100 million to fight the nomination of whomever Bush nominates to replace O'Connor.

I hate cliches, but maybe it's time to start thinking about who would be a "uniter", not a "divider." At present, we're accomplishing almost nothing.


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