Thursday, July 07, 2005


No links here. You can go to any news site and get an update on the terrorist bombings that occurred in London this morning. The good news (if you want to call it that) is that the terrorists opted to go with a large number of smaller bombs -- presumably "backpack/briefcase" sized -- so each explosion was relatively small, based upon the news reports.

Of course, this attack is timed to achieve continued lack of participation by those G-8 powers who are not participating in the war on terror and to see if the Brits will behave like the spineless Spaniards. The ball is definitely in Blair's court and my bet is it will only steel his resolve.

The only parallel I would draw is the decades-long war that existed between the UK government and the IRA. Not once did the UK back off. Not once. They endured criticism from many at home and in the rest of the World, but not once did they abandon the central mission of surrender and disarming of the IRA. During the worst of it, there were similar bombings in London, Belfast and elsewhere, so this isn't a completely new experience for Brits.

Let's all pray for those who were injured and for the families of those killed this morning, but let's also pray for the continued resolve to fight the terrorists where they live.


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