Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Further to my posting yesterday about Britain's terror problem, the screaming headlines from yesterday should be a sufficient wake up call for most of Europe.

In the US, al Qaeda had to import the terrorists who flew the planes into the World Trade Towers.

In the UK, the terrorists were already there -- they were British. And they were each willing to commit suicide to kill what has turned out to be about 12-13 other people.

European countries, France and Britain in particular, who've embraced immigrants to support their sagging indigenous demographics need to wake up to the reality that they have now grown their own terrorists.

Conventional wisdom in intelligence gathering would say you should track the movement of foreign nationals, especially any who traveled to Afghanistan when the Taliban were in power. You should also check criminal records for anyone with explosives and weapons training, etc., etc.

However, if the terrorist was born in your country and never traveled to Afghansitan, was never in the military and never received a parking ticket before he chose to blow himself and a few of his countrymen into oblivion, how do you stop that?

They'd better figure that one out and figure it out soon. If a lethal bomb can fit into any briefase, large purse, backpack or shopping bag and if the perpetrator can be the guy next door, where do you start?

I'm no intelligence genius, but I'd start with the mosques. Sorry, I know it's a racist comment but that's where it starts. It's obvious this one was a complete surprise to the Brits, which is disheartening.


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