Wednesday, June 01, 2005


A couple of weeks have passed since the Newsweek article alleging US interrogators at Gitmo flushed copies of the Koran. Outrage occurred instantly, resulting in many deaths in Afghanistan. Though Newsweek recanted, it was with a "wink" -- you know, they flushed 'em, we just can't prove it.

Today, we have word that a terrorist has blown up himself and about 20 others inside a mosque in Afghanistan during a funeral. One can assume that at least a few copies of the Koran were "desecrated" by this purposeful act.

What's the difference? Why is no one as outraged at the second act? Do Islamofascists get a free pass?

Isn't it really the case that the left doesn't really care when people kill people like themselves? The genocide in Rwanda, the genocide in Darfur, black-on-black crime in American ghettos, etc., etc. Millions of people can kill millions of people of the same color, but the rumor of one white devil defiling the Koran is a greater crime in the upside-down world of the left.


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