Friday, June 03, 2005


The more I and others think about Ben Stein's post this week (see below), the more angry I get. Some people have expressed the other sort of outrage -- you know, Mark Felt was a hero; he took down the Satan (Nixon) greater than the current Satan (Bush). But a lot of us look at Felt as something (and someone) far different from a hero.

Think about it. If only Felt didn't turn into a self-serving snitch:
  • Nixon might have served out his term.
  • Jimmy Carter might still be known as "Jimmy Who?"
  • Ronald Reagan might have begun his presidency in 1976.
  • The Islamist revolt in Iran might have been stymied by Reagan -- no "America Held Hostage, Day 287" (no Ted Koppel?).
  • An earlier Reagan presidency might have resulted in the Berlin Wall coming down four years sooner -- maybe sooner than that.
  • The Russians might have been "convinced" by Reagan that going into Afghanistan wasn't worth it.
  • The Russians might have been "convinced" by Reagan not to support or provide weaponry to Iraq and/or Iran.
  • Saddam Hussein might not have had the stones to invade Iran or Kuwait.
  • The US might never have established a military base in Saudi Arabia.
  • Osama bin Laden might have stayed in the family business (construction) and might be a wealthy man living a comfortable life in retirement.
  • The World Trade Towers might still exist.
  • Etc, etc.
So, if you think Mark Felt is a hero, think about what might have happened if he'd chosen not to break the law. One man (or woman) can make a huge difference.


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