Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I agree with Christopher Hitchens about a lot of things, and this is no exception.

There is no question in my mind that the 9/11 terrorists accomplished their primary objective that day. No, not the killing of 3,000 souls. The killing is never the primary goal of the terrorist -- the primary goal being to create enough fear to cause your enemy to change his behavior. That we've done.

In the case of airline security, we are certainly no more safe than we were the morning of 9/11, yet we still go through the moronic line-up -- check the ID (like a terrorist wouldn't have a US drivers license??), x-ray the laptop and sneakers (like those are the only places to hide a bomb or other weapon??), walk through a metal detector (all weapons are metallic??) and make sure to randomly stop people, regardless of their "profile" (don't even get me started . . .).

If we were serious about airport security, we would put the Israeli military in charge.


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