Thursday, June 02, 2005


Wretchard writes The Fourth Conjecture today which makes a very simple point about the fears of those who believe we are doomed to see Manhattan (as a symbol of America) partially vaporized by a "suitcase" nuclear weapon.

His point is simple: Any environment capable of producing terrorism on a scale which could destroy America would be sufficiently powerful to destroy Islam -- and destroy it first many times over. Any weapon that AQ Khan can make can be bought by believers and infidels alike. The theorists of asymmetrical terrorist warfare forgot that its military effectiveness depends on the very restraints that it, itself, dissolves.

In simple English, there are many smarter, more capable, better financed people with the capability of building a nuclear weapon and delivering it to Mecca at the height of the hajj than there are smart, capable, well-financed people who would like to blow up Manhattan.

In even simpler English, Islamofascists should think twice before they screw around with us.


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