Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I thought that one of the coolest weapons most recently used in combat was the "concrete" smart bomb (basically a practice bomb with a guidance package bolted on) containing no explosives that is designed to be a "500 pound bullet." Very effective at permanently destroying a jet fighter without the "boom." Very small chance of collateral damage.

So, when I read this story about the weapons system some call "rods from God", I really liked the idea. Think of it -- whether made of tungsten or depleted uranium, these mega-darts would have the effect of a very large meteorite that you could lob down someone's throat, and not necessarily from a satellite.

My hope is we already have these puppies in development. My bet is the guys at Area 51 are already working on dropping them from ultra-high flying hypersonic aircraft (why else would they need an almost 3 mile long runway?). This would also explain those "fireballs" that are periodically reported near Groom Lake.

Hey, a guy can dream, can't he??


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