Thursday, May 12, 2005


I've been looking for someone to write an article, essay or anything that truly captures the essence of what the Democrats are fighting about in the Senate. Without a majority, through the use of filibuster (or threat thereof), they can control the legislative agenda.

Specifically, what they can do is what they (as a party) have had as a grand strategy to undermine the will of the voters for the past couple of decades. I've written before about the strategy of losing an election but still winning through judicial activism. The filibuster is a part of that strategy.

Based on the Dems' performance the past five years, Republicans were asleep at the switch during the Clinton administrations when liberal judge after liberal judge was appointed to the bench. This strategy allowed the Dems to "lose" in the legislature but win in the courts -- by allowing some legislation to pass that is later overturned by an activist judge. Or, legislation that never sees a vote is often "enacted" through judicial fiat -- e.g., so-called "gay marriage" rights.

Finally, someone has picked up on this point and has written about it. Emmett Tyrell believes that the fight we are about to see will help crunch this strategy once and for all and is the real reason the Dems call it the "nuclear option."


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