Thursday, May 26, 2005


I am an American Express cardholder like, I assume, many people reading this and millions of others. However, I never use my Amex card unless it's the only card an establishment will accept, which means I never use my Amex card since VISA/MC has virtually 100% of the World covered.

So I was surprised yesterday to get a statement from Amex. My card doesn't require an annual fee payment and (like I said) I don't use the card, so it was a surprise to get a statement. The bigger surprise was to see I had a credit balance! How the hell did that happen, I thought?

When I saw the amount -- $0.41 -- I smelled something. When I saw the "Activity" detail and it said "Class Action Settlement/Boehr -- $-0.41" I knew they'd struck again. Who? Those low-life scum sucking cretins a/k/a class action lawyers.

In the case of Boehr v. American Express, apparently the plaintiff became outraged when he discovered that Amex used a 10.00AM cut-off for payment posting -- e.g., if a payment was received at 10.01AM on Tuesday it wasn't credited to an account until Wednesday. For those who revolve or pay late, they were being "unfairly" dinged an extra day's interest. Being suitably pissed off, Boehr decided to sue and you know the rest.

On some presumably fair and equitable basis I got 41 cents. But here's the rub -- I never once revolved with Amex. If I ever used the card I always paid on time, never once late. So why did I get anything? I'm tempted to mail Amex a check for $0.41 saying I refuse to accept this as I didn't deserve it.

By the way, the settlement agreed to in this case resulted in Amex having to pay $8.2 million --- $3 million went to the attorneys.

Like I said, low-life scum sucking cretins.


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