Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I had this BFO this morning (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) that Karl Rove and company are smiling with glee these days.

After all, what happened last year? No, not the success of the President in November.

It was the failure of the Democrats to advance a single positive idea leading up to November that killed them. Rove managed to keep the Democrats on message -- Bush is a chimp, John Kerry is a brilliant war hero -- for so long that they were screwed when the Swift Boat Veterans showed that Kerry probably wasn't a big-time war hero. Even if Kerry had some truly brilliant ideas (he didn't), they would have been overshadowed by his lame defense of his enhanced "heroics" in Viet Nam.

Now, you have the Dems in the Senate basically stonewalling everything:

Judges -- have they proposed a compromise appointee for any of the seats that Bush is trying to fill? NO. They just refuse to approve his appointees.

Social Security -- has any Democrat provided any constructive advice on how to close the future gap in unfunded liabilies of the Trust. NO. They just prefer to say Bush's ideas will result in reduced benefits for most Americans.

John Bolton -- the Senate Dems don't want Bolton to be US Ambassador to the UN. Have they proposed someone who would be acceptable? NO. They just don't like Bolton because he's a pain in the ass. Come to think of it, haven't some of our best ambassadors been pains in the ass?

I could go on, but you get the point.

Maybe they just believe that the Dems will run out of energy and back off, but maybe the White House is purposely letting this one play out as long as it will play, allowing the Dems to continue to be the party of "no" -- no to anything Bush wants, no compromise, no constructive ideas.

Once we get to the real campaign season for the 2006 elections (which will probably start this Fall), the Republicans will have all the newsreel footage the need of Democrats making fools of themselves.


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