Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Quick, name three acts of terror and whether they were perpetrated by a right-wing or left-wing terrorist. I'd bet all three you name would be right-wing -- Islamists, Timothy McVeigh and Eric Randolph are three that come to mind. I'd bet some people, when asked this question, would say, "what is this, a trick question?" Everyone assumes terror is committed by some right-wing fanatic.

But why is it that the vast majority of acts of terror are perpetrated by left-wing groups, yet I didn't name a single one?

Is it because left-wing terrorist get a bit of a free pass?

After all, if you're an environmentalist and you firebomb a housing development, you're really not a bad guy, are you?

Of course, almost 40 years ago (as now), most terrorist acts were committed by left-wing groups. I'd bet a lot of "baby boomer" journalists had sympathetic feelings towards folks like that, so they see environmental terrorists and "animal rights" groups in a kinder, gentler, more sympathetic light.


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