Tuesday, April 26, 2005


The guys at Power Line have teed up the morons in the mainstream media again; this time the Associated Press gets bitch-slapped for doing next to no due diligence before running with an article that tries to cast US Ambassador to the UN nominee John Bolton in a negative light.

The source of the AP's information, a supposedly unbiased "former colleague" turns out to be neither unbiased nor a former colleague.

I really liked the last paragraph:

So Frederick Vreeland's opposition to Bolton, which is being promoted as a non-partisan critique by a "former colleague," throws the issue of Bolton's nomination into stark relief. John Bolton stands for a certain set of opinons and values, which mirror those of President Bush: he doesn't think America is to blame for terrorist attacks; he doesn't think the U.N. is morally superior to the U.S.; he thinks the job of an American diplomat is to advance the interests of the United States, not other countries; and he sees neither virtue nor advantage in treachery toward American allies, especially Israel. Bolton's enemies hate him because of these values and opinions, not because he lacks the suave manners of the State Department clique that, for decades, has gotten everything wrong about the Middle East.


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