Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Yes, that's right. I admit it. I'm an American Idol fan.

No, I won't be posting on it each week, but I think it's a fun show and if you like music and entertainment, it's about the only show on every week where you can see live music performed. Some of it is downright entertaining, some is painful, but it works for me. I also watch Nashville Star, too, but it's missing one necessary ingredient -- sarcastic judges.

What makes it interesting to me is they really find people who've had little experience performing as paid professionals. Their track record is decent. A handful of folks, including a few who weren't winners, have been successful.

This year, I was disappointed to see Mario Vasquez leave, but he may get a record deal before the winner, if you believe the press accounts that he left to sign a record deal now and didn't want to be obligated to the American Idol producers.

Anyway, it's my confession of the week. Next week, I'll talk about The Contender . . . not!!!

Who do I think will win this year? Right now, it's a toss-up -- Bo Bice, Anwar Robinson or Carrie Underwood, with Nadia Turner as an outside shot.


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