Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I cringed when I heard the story about the Italian journalist and the Italian intelligence officer being shot and killed, respectively, by American troops. I knew there would be massive negative press in the Euro-zone and they didn't disappoint.

But now, some additional information is coming out. She claimed they were fired upon for a few minutes -- that hundreds of rounds were fired. If that were true then, based on these photos, our guys can't hit the broad side of a barn. Looks more like there was limited fire directed at the driver. One hole in the windshield and the driver's window is gone -- good shooting.

And as for the politics of the "journalist", read this. Almost makes you want to believe her "kidnappers" were really people she sympathized with, who then turned on her. If you're really cynical, you might believe it was a setup, but I think she's just a naive twit who made the mistake of sticking her hand into the lion's cage.

Of course, the danger is that this turns into Colombia, where kidnap for ransom is a primary means of financing FARC's terrorist activity.


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