Friday, March 18, 2005


Sometimes executives and even ordinary employees steal money from their companies. Sometimes executives hide a company's true financial picture, often trying to make debt either disappear or actually look like an investment on the company's balance sheet.

As we've seen with Enron, WorldCom and others, this sort of behavior will land you in jail.

When it comes to our Social Security system, however, Congress has been doing pretty much the same thing for almost 40 years. It's proven to be an addictive drug, but we now have everyone in agreement that this addiction will begin to kill us within the next 12 or so years.

So why is it that the Democrats absolutely refuse to discuss anything that has anything to do with re-thinking Social Security? Is is that they have a plan that will cure our addiction? Or do they just see this as another opportunity to try to make it look like Bush is the bad guy?

Like the Democratic strategy of running in 2004 on a non-issue campaign, whose only plank was "anti-Bush", and the stonewalling of the confirmation of Federal judges, they seem to be employing the same strategy vis-a-vis Social Security. Their strategy is still, simply, anti-Bush.


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