Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I read this article today and my first reaction was I didn't really notice that there weren't any hockey games being played.

So, I thought about other businesses and wondered what would happen to customer loyalty if those businesses' employees were on strike for a protracted period and the owners decided to shut the business down. It seems to me this is the quintessential example of a lose-lose situation.

If these guys were a bunch of $25/hour factory workers, trying to get a raise to $27, you'd have some sympathy for them. In this fiasco, the only ones I feel sorry for are the concession workers, ticket takers and other hourly paid workers who are suffering while the millionaire players are on the golf course in Florida.

Assuming they're back next year, it would be nice if the fans grew some stones and staged their own walkout. They won't, but it would be nice.


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