Monday, February 28, 2005


Victor Davis Hanson makes a great point this morning in his post titled "In Search of Solutions: Americans are tired of bickering."

He closes with:

Instead of ex post facto haggling over Bush's reasons to depose Saddam or fretting about whether Europe is angry, happy or neither, plenty of things could be done right now -- quickly, without rancor and for the public good.

Prof. Hanson also makes the case that Europe is no longer a strong partner, so we can't rely on them for much of anything -- except rhetoric. He closes with:

We keep assuming that Europeans are like Britain and Japan when in fact long ago they devolved more into a Switzerland and Sweden--friendly neutrals but no longer real allies. In the meantime, let us Americans keep much more quiet, wait, and watch--even as we carry a far bigger stick.

And for a more sober view of the European lack of will, read this.


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