Friday, February 18, 2005


"My favorite economist", Dr. Arnold Kling, writes today with clarity.

In his article, he clearly delineates two views of America -- the view of most Republicans vs. the view of most Democrats.

Democrats would be well-advised to read this and understand that the solution to their "problem" should not include their mantra of empowering government. They must understand that it isn't abortion, religion or taxes that separate them from a larger and growing group of Americans.

He closes by saying:

For those of us who value self-reliance and thrift, the economic trends suggest a need to increase saving and to invest heavily in human capital. For those who value paternalism and redistribution, those trends provide an excuse to "help" more people in more ways. This tends to exacerbate the conflict of values, because ultimately the redistribution policies require heavy taxes on those of us who save and try to educate ourselves.


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