Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I was pondering this question a week ago, just after that twit (forgot his name) from the UN called the US "singy" for initially pledging $25 million in direct aid relief to the victims of the tsunami. The US and Canadian (I was there at the time) media seemed to support that position, and especially were vocal about the need for US leadership in helping the victims. Totally admirable; totally predictable; totally hypocritical.

I'm guessing (especially if you include the Iran-Iraq War) that Saddam Hussein's "death toll" is still many multiples of the final death toll from the tsunami. I'd bet the deaths in the ongoing genocidal wars in Africa also exceed these numbers.

So, a simple question: Who is more important -- victims of the tsunami OR victims of tyrannical dictatorships and terrorists?

It seems clear that the world expects the US to offer up all its resources at a moment's notice to help victims of natural disaster, but if it involves the state-sponsored slaughter of innocent humans, it just doesn't seem to have the same priority. The US is expected to take a back seat to the UN.


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