Wednesday, January 19, 2005


That Colin Powell was Secretary of State should have been a positive for anyone who wishes for more visible examples of success amongst African-Americans. That he was succeeded by Condoleezza Rice should be even further cause for celebration, right?

Not if you're the NAACP and it's Chairman, Julian Bond. He cynically believes that Powell and Rice are mere tokens. In his words:

(T)he Bush administration ... used Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and Secretary-designate Condoleezza Rice as "shields" to protect it from allegations of racism.

What I find even more interesting is you will not find reference to this portion of his recent speech in most of the mainstream press. I had heard that he said it and I looked at maybe six or seven articles about the speech before I found this one from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

What's everyone else afraid of? Painting Bond for the over-the-top demagogue that he is?


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