Monday, November 15, 2004


In late 1997 I was in Singapore and happened to see Gen. Colin Powell at Raffles. He was there to give a speech to VIP customers of Citibank. There were a lot of rumors about this man who had such "high positives" amongst the American public. Was he going to be the first African-American President? Maybe.

Since then, Powell has (to me) been a disappointment. He was at his worst when he rationalized why it was the right time to take Baghdad in 2003, but not in 1991, when a military victory might have been just as easy as in 2003. Except the "peace" would have been much easier.

So now, he's resigned. He hasn't added a thing that I can see during the past four years. Anyone who might promote him to try to run for President in 2008 would be well advised to back off. Since he resigned his commission to become a citizen, it has only made me wonder whether what we saw in the Gulf War was style or substance. Recent history seems to say style.


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