Friday, November 19, 2004


Western Europeans still seem to be in denial.

I thought the attacks in Madrid would be the "bath of cold water" that they needed. Apparently not, since the Spaniards folded like a cheap suitcase -- no backbone, I guess. It seems the case is closed for them -- the terrorists attacked, they threw out the government, they arrested a few perps, life is back to normal.

The Dutch seem incensed about the assassination murder of Theo van Gogh but, other than words, they don't seem to have done anything. Arrested a few perps, life will be back to normal by Monday.

But at the same time, there was an assassination murder in Belgium that doesn't seem to have gotten much press. The man was shot two days ago and I learned of it through the Jerusalem Post just after it happened -- he finally died yesterday afternoon. Could it be because the victim was a Jew? Oh, I guess it isn't the same.

Attacks on Jews by Islamofacists in Europe have never "counted" as terrorist acts. Kill an artist (the filmmaker van Gogh) and the whole world erupts. Kill a Jew and it gets 150 words below the fold.


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