Monday, November 22, 2004


The young Marine at the center of the controversy over his shooting of an Iraqi "insurgent" has to be thankful to the morons in the NBA. The Detroit/Indiana street brawl was what dominated the news over the weekend, so I'm guessing that if the public wants to see more footage of morons throwing beer and multi-million dollar a year athletes acting like idiots, then our young Marine is safe from further scrutiny.

As for the whole NBA, do you think the behavior would be different if all players were forced to attend college for at least four years. Yeah, I know -- they would have about 55 credit hours after four years, but maybe they'd at least learn a little more about life. Allowing 18 and 19 year olds to go from high school to the spotlight of being multi-gazillionaires will continue to result in this sort of embarrassment for the NBA.

Of course, now the story will be about Ron Artest losing $5 million in income over a couple of punches. As usual, the only net winners in this case will be the lawyers.


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