Monday, November 08, 2004


I'm afraid to admit it but my generation (the "Baby Boomers"), or at least its Democratic wing, just doesn't know how to lose. I went nuts Sunday morning channel surfing to find some group of talking heads who were talking about something other than "what Kerry could have done to win."

All I heard was what Russ Vaughn heard.

Get a grip. It wasn't the bible-thumping, gun-carrying, pro-life, born-again, gay marriage-hating rednecks that elected for Bush.

Kerry lost this one all on his own when he chose to run on a record (his military exploits) that proved to be highly questionable, because he knew he could not run on a record (his legislative exploits) that was barely noticeable.

The "after" polls clearly showed that Bush received far more votes from those who called themselves Democrats than Kerry received from those calling themselves Republicans. Kerry lost because his "record" did not appeal to more centrist/conservative Democrats.


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