Thursday, November 04, 2004


I happened to wander onto George Soros’ website, where he has posted this:

A post-election comment from George Soros

Obviously, I am distressed at the outcome of the election. I hope, but don't trust, that the second Bush administration will have learned something from the mistakes of the first. What is at stake is our ability to recognize our own fallibility.

I established in order to engage in a critical discussion with readers about President Bush's policies, particularly in Iraq. To all those who sent in messages, thank you. I found the dialogue to be thought provoking, and I hope visitors to the site did as well. proved more popular than I initially imagined. There have been more than a million and a half visitors to the site and more than 30,000 people sent in messages.

Having established the site in the run up to the election, I frankly did not pause to consider what to do with it afterwards. Given the outcome, I now feel strongly that it should continue. Exactly what shape the future content will take, and how actively I will pursue the weblog, will take some time to figure out. In the meantime, I am traveling to Europe to attend to the business of my foundation - but I'll be back.

Please check back in a few weeks for updates. Thank you.

So, feeling George’s pain, I sent him the following e-mail:

To: George
From: Steve
Subject: Sorry You’re Distressed

For years, Democrats have labeled Republicans as the party of the rich and wealthy. Republicans have been accused of being able to buy anything, including political favor. You apparently believed that Democrat myth.

Elections and political office cannot be bought, as you've just seen. Your "experiment" didn't work.

You see, the dark and dirty little secret is the Republicans of the 21st century are overwhelmingly middle class Americans.

"Red" states are states where people work in factories, retail stores and the family farm. Some of them are wealthy -- 99% aren't.

In fact, I'm guessing the number of Cadillacs, Mercedes and BMWs per capita in "Red" states is lower than in "Blue" states. No data to support that, but I'd bet my net worth against yours that I'm right.

So, thanks for the millions you spent on attack ads against the President. Those millions trickled down through the ad agencies, PR firms and media buys into the pockets of Republicans all over the country.

What a country!

Best regards,

PS Not to further distress you, but the population of "Red" states is increasing at a rate far, far higher than the population of "Blue" states. See you in 2008!!


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