Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I read a lot . . . and there are only two writers I read regularly, meaning I read everything they write.

One is Victor Davis Hanson (see his two links at the top of the right side of this page. The other is Wretchard (nom de plume of a Filipino-Australian), the author of Belmont Club.

As I posted yesterday, read Wretchard if you want reporting and succinct analysis of what's going on in Iraq. A priceless quote from one of his recent posts:

There can be no joy in war: it is always repulsive in actual detail, but if we are not left with the facts, then the world is deprived even of the doleful experience of the battlefield. The jihadi dream was a fraud. September 11 opened the door, not to Paradise but the portal to Hell and the jihadi nightmare will continue for as long as they are nourished on illusion and false encouragement. We are not their permanent enemies; that foe is within their breast.


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