Friday, October 22, 2004


I spell it that way now because I want to make sure you pronounce in that way when you read it. It's TeRAYza, not TahREEsa, OK? Let's not offend.

Anyway, I'm glad to see that more are picking up on the fact that, in these last ten days of world-class mudslinging, the Kerrys are not doing well.

Specifically, Terayza's open-mouthed criticism of Laura Bush, followed by her even more stupid apology. First, she slams Ms. Bush because she's never had a real job. Then she apologizes, saying she forgot the First Lady was a teacher and librarian for a number of years.

Her wonderful empathic skills totally missed the real disrespect that she exhibited -- it wasn't that she forgot Ms. Bush had had a real job, it's that she effectively dissed all women who choose not to work. For that, there was no apology.

I'm sure her response to that would be another gaffe, so we can only hope that she tries to apologize again.


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