Thursday, September 16, 2004


I must admit I've questioned the overused word "forgery" these past few days. Seemed a little off-base. You think of signatures being forged, but not documents. Documents are "fraudulently prepared", not forged, right? Well, maybe not.

I found this article to be compelling, especially the part that says:

Forgery of a federal document and of a federal official’s signature are both potential criminal matters. People could end up in jail. CBS’s parent Viacom is the license holder for numerous large market television and radio stations, licenses collectively worth billions of dollars. When Aerojet General Corporation was convicted of unrelated criminal offenses, the FCC stripped it of a Boston television station license worth hundreds of millions of dollars. CBS’s licenses in most of the nation’s top television markets are worth far, far more, and could potentially be taken away. Even worse, if CBS turns out to have received the forgeries from a party related to the Kerry campaign or the Democratic Party, it faces political liability for conspiracy to alter a presidential election by fraud. The firestorm which would follow would be unprecedented. Watergate would be small potatoes, comparatively.

Though there would be a political shitstorm if Justice decided to look into the criminality of CBS' actions, it would sure be interesting, no?


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