Thursday, September 23, 2004


If you look back a couple of months, everyone was asking when Kerry would wake up. Beginning with the Dem Convention, he "reported for duty" and became "Lt. Kerry, War Hero", only to have the Swift Boat Vets torpedo his dinghy. So he retreated to his tent.

Weeks later, the creative response to credible evidence Kerry's Viet Am adventure wasn't exactly a precursor to Apocalypse Now, was a criticism of Bush's Air Guard record -- a dead horse that had been shot two or three times before. Miraculously, CBS leapt to the defense and ran with a dubious story supported by crude attempts to create "smoking guns" that would, once and for all, confirm what we already know -- in the 1970's, 'W' was a fuck-up. Something he freely admits.

To the embarrassment of all, the "pajamaheddin" -- that unwashed and uncontrolled mob known as bloggers -- exposed CBS documents as the journalistic equivalent of the Shroud of Turin. So Kerry and company had to back off on that one.

So what now?

In the past couple of days, Kerry has apparently decided to go with his version of suicide bombing.

First, he's uttering completely hypothetical and inflammatory allegations -- e.g., it's likely that Bush will re-introduce the military draft. I suspect there will be other airy-fairy pronouncements before election day. Who knows, maybe they'll roll out the anti-Goldwater commercial -- you know the one with the mushroom cloud -- but it will be updated and the cloud will rise over Manhattan. You know, keep Bush in office and you might see the world's first briefcase nuke in action.

Finally (and irretrievably), Kerry has re-morphed as "Young John Kerry" and his words are becoming more and more anti-war, more and more like they could be coming from the mouth of Howard Dean, a guy even the Democrats rejected. More and more dangerous for America.

It's one thing for a young, idealistic, pseudo-intellectual preppy to be anti-war in 1972. It's quite another for the Democratic nominee for President to utter anti-war statements when American soldiers and Marines are dying at the hands of an enemy.

The only thing that Kerry could possibly do worse would be to begin to compare Bush to Hitler.

It's over.


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