Thursday, September 16, 2004


What I find most arrogant about the Dan Rathers and Paul Krugmans of the world is their overwhelming sense of moral superiority. It's the standard, elitist, "you can't possibly be smart enough to process primary information" bullshit that is now costing them dearly.

I've been infuriated for years at broadcast "journalists" who would spend 30 minutes telling me what someone had just said (e.g., Presidential address). Like I didn't listen?

Print and investigative journalists have always prided themselves on their "research" and "interview" skills. Of course, they have the editorial privilege, which allows them to again decide what I should hear.

With "Rathergate", mainstream media is getting a lesson, and it's a painful one. We're saying to them that we don't really trust them to filter information anymore. To earn credibility, give us the information and let us filter it. And if you won't give it to us, we'll find a way to get it ourselves. Once we do that, we really don't need you anymore.


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