Thursday, August 26, 2004


The Democrats chose to package Kerry as an anti-war war hero and he seemed to be the perfect example of a guy who went there (instead of bolting for Canada or entering the National Guard), put his ass on the line (and got it shot), and then had an epiphany that caused him to believe it was a corrupt war and Americans were being lied to about the progress and purpose of the war.

Say what you will, you had to admire that part of who John Kerry said he was -- a man of principle.

But now, we have so much information that shoots holes through a lot of what Kerry said about what he did and what caused him to change his thinking.

What comes through now is he may have gotten medals for self-inflicted wounds. He trashed his mates when he got back home, effectively calling them baby killers, but he calls them heroes today. The moment he described as his epiphany (Christmas in Cambodia, which sounds like a wonderful title for a Michael Moore-type "documentary") never happened, or for sure not where he said it happened.

The "Kerry was a war hero" train is teetering on its tracks, so why haven't they cut their losses and moved on to the real issues -- Iraq, War on Terror and the Economy?

I think (as I've repeated ad nauseum) that Kerry is still detached from reality and he honestly believes he can convince you that, even if he didn't really do all that stuff he said he did, he's still the guy he tried to create (Mr. anti-war war hero) and you shouldn't believe anything his critics say because they all work for that arch-liar George Bush.

But I'm seeing more and more articles like this that lead me to believe that all his claims will wind up being self-inflicted wounds.


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