Tuesday, August 17, 2004


I'm not a particularly religious guy. And I get really hot when religious leaders get involved in politics, especially from the pulpit. But that's it -- I get hot, I get over it. It's their right -- not their religious right, but their right of free speech.

That there's a risk that churches may lose their tax-exempt status the more they become involved in political activity, especially espousing a particular candidate, I have a problem.

If that's the outcome of this foolish legal framework we have, thanks to Federal election laws, then we need to scrap them or modify them so they do what they're supposed to do -- prevent fraud and abuse.

If Rev. Smith or Rabbi Levy or Father McNamara or Imam al-Aziz want to say you should vote for Bush or Kerry, that should be their right. If they say you should vote for Bush or Kerry and you disagree with them, you can say so or you can refuse to put money in the plate/stop paying your dues, or you can lobby to get them replaced if you feel strongly enough. You can go to a different church/temple/mosque.

But Federal involvement? Please. Stop.


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