Wednesday, August 11, 2004


You decide after reading this.

One comment I will make (and please don't interpret this as xenophobic or biased -- it's a cold fact):

In most third-world countries, trust is a rare commodity. As a result, in most business and political dealings there is a strong bias that says you do business with "friends" and family in a manner most would describe as "ethical". With all others, it is neither unethical nor immoral to "screw" someone with whom you have no level of trust established.

In America and Europe, a much stronger rule of law and ethical judiciary have created an environment where trust can be guaranteed between strangers. Get it in writing and, if someone screws you, you can receive justice.

So, in their world view it is perfectly ethical and moral for the Saudis to pander and pay for favorable treatment by America and Americans, while they pay for the proselytizing efforts of the Wahabbists who preach that the duty of all Muslims is to kill Jews and Americans.

They see no conflict between these two missionary efforts.

When will we learn?


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