Thursday, August 19, 2004


a/k/a "The position our (former) allies took vis-a-vis Iraq may now be biting them in the ass, Chapter One."

Now that Bush has decided that bringing US troops home (from Germany) is a good idea, the Germans will protest that it's not a good idea.

I'll be really interested to hear the tortured logic from German politicians about our commitment to NATO and the security of Europe. With the fall of "the Wall", any moneys spent afterwards to "protect" Europe (from whom, exactly?) have been wasted dollars.

That much of Germany's economic prosperity has been due to the infusion of US dollars from military personnel and their dependents, plus it's lack of need to spend Deutschemarks for its defense (since the US covered most of the bill) should be apparent. US withdrawal will be the equivalent of an economic depression for some communities.

As with other welfare systems, this one should have had a "means" test. Once Germany could have afforded its own defense, it should have paid the entire bill. Anything after that point has been a gift.


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