Thursday, August 05, 2004


Assume you are a conservative Spaniard.

Assume you changed your vote at the last minute in March. Instead of voting for Prime Minister Aznar, you voted for the Socialist opposition. You were afraid there would be more violence after the terror bombings of 3/11. A lot of your friends did the same thing and the Socialists won. Like good little boys, they announced the return of Spanish forces from Iraq, as was demanded by the terrorists.

So how do you feel now, after you've been informed the bombings of 3/11 were being planned before the terror of 9/11. The probability 3/11 would have occurred whether Spanish troops were in Iraq or not is probably 100%. No matter what Spain did or didn't do, the terrorists wanted to kill Spaniards, for many reasons.

In other words, you screwed up.

How would you feel?


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