Tuesday, August 31, 2004


I've read some interesting comments about John Edwards' "Two Americas" rant.

The more thoughtful ones say that this is a very self-serving position, taken by a trial lawyer who saw himself as a latter-day Robin Hood, protecting the poor and innocent from the greed of corporate America.

So, it is logical that this has formed his worldview. He honestly sees it that way. His idea of "good vs. evil" is "rich vs. poor".

What he doesn't see is the paternalistic, elitist corner that he paints himself into. What he's really saying to the "poor" is they are dumb and defenseless and he knows what's best. Just vote for John and he'll go slay the dragon.

If you listen to Edwards long enough, you'll realize there's one adjective often used to describe Kerry that better fits him -- arrogant.


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