Thursday, August 12, 2004


Kerry seems to now being saying he really wasn't in Cambodia after all. This, after incredibly specific claims by him to the contrary.

Ever see Apocalypse Now? Remember what it was about? No, I don't mean all the not-too-subliminal anti-war messages. It was about a covert op into Cambodia on a Navy PBR (similar, but smaller than Kerry's Swift Boat). Since these missions weren't supposed to be happening (and you would never be able to document they had happened), did Kerry fabricate his story, hoping that no one could ever really prove it to be untrue? Or did he really believe it to be true?

During the war when I was stationed in Japan, and in the years since, I've talked to a lot of guys about their experiences in Viet Nam. I'm convinced most of them actually did some crazy shit, but I'm also convinced that most of them are telling stories they believe to be true, but only because they've repeated the same lie a thousand times.

Who knows? Maybe of lot of what they talk about, even the made-up part, has allowed them to cope with their own personal demons. For some, like Kerry, that experience now seems to define them more than anything that happened before or since.

Maybe that's the problem with the Viet Nam war.

Maybe the end of the Viet Nam war will only come when everyone fesses up, accepts the real truth, and puts it behind them.


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