Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Wretchard writes a thought-provoking post that should make you think about how you receive information and how you process it.

He wonders whether the fact that almost everything we know about the current world comes through television makes it less real.

A sample:

It is a picture of the world beyond the border, the world we almost had ignored, except for September 11. The real problem with that day is not what happened, but that it happened on TV. Three years onward those images are still de-materializing John Kerry's universe and making him, despite his best efforts, seem like a creature from another dimension. One of Roger Simon's readers quotes Russian journalist Sergei Lopatnikov:

To a great degree there is no Democratic party candidate John Kerry. There is an abstract "anti-Bush" candidate who has been compelled, in accordance with the US electoral system, to take on human form and assume a human name...


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