Thursday, July 15, 2004


Let's see. Terrorists - 2; Spain - 0; Philippines - 0.

For decades, kidnap for ransom has been a very large cottage industry in some parts of the world. When I worked in Mexico, my house had a 24-hour guard and when I was in Mexico City or Guadalajara, I had a lot of security around me. And when I traveled to Colombia or Venezuela, same thing. In those countries, the terrorists routinely kidnap, hold for some time period (while loved ones sweat), make a ransom demands they know will be paid, collect the ransom, let you go, use the money to buy more weapons, and then kidnap someone else.

Being anti-capitalists (though I'd bet that will change), the terrorists in Iraq are doing the same thing, but demanding the infidels leave Iraq. So Spain and the Philippines are now in the palm of their hands. The US, Japan, Bulgaria and South Korea have told them to piss off.

Who's next?

My guess is they'll just keep going until they accumulate a few nation/hostages. Then they'll kidnap others from countries without troops in Iraq (France, Germany, etc.) and try to tell them what to do.

They will only stop when everyone says we won't negotiate with criminals.


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