Monday, July 12, 2004


In my business career, I spent time dealing with real estate developers in the 70's, investment bankers in the 80's and Enron (and other energy companies) in the 90's. One common theme (which, in my humble opinion was the undoing of each of these groups in those times) was they all began to believe their own lies.

Were they scheming pernicious bastards? No, not all of them. They just developed a sales pitch -- a tale of what they could offer to their customers. And they kept repeating it and repeating it. When they first told the tale, the tale was in synch with the facts. Over time, the facts changed but the tale didn't. They'd repeated it so many times, they had altered their reality. They actually believed their own lies.

John Edwards made a fortune telling truths which might now be "lies". Will anyone other than Marc Steyn (link may require registration) call him out?


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