Tuesday, June 22, 2004


I have a special feeling toward Cubans. In 1959, living in south Florida, we first began to see newly-arrived immigrants from Cuba. These were the first to see that Castro's Revolocion was a stage show facade. They got sold a bill of goods by the bearded one and exchanged one dictator (Batista) for another. They got out early. They were the lucky ones.

But they still wanted to go back. In subsequent years feelings ran high. Castro was militarily stretched and it was believed he could be overthrown. Then along came Kennedy and his failure to provide the last minute needed military support for the CIA-led Cuban-Americans at the Bay of Pigs.

Since then, and especially after the "Cuban Missle Crisis", Kennedy further guaranteed Castro's survival by agreeing never to support any insurrection against him.

So, fast forward forty years and what does Kerry say about voices of dissent within Cuba who are trying to change Cuba within its corrupt system? "Counterproductive."

This should lose him the Cuban-American vote. And anyone else who believes in democracy.


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