Wednesday, May 26, 2004


I feel like a moron.

After thinking about some of the posts below, I just had a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious).

Those news organizations that most folks view as "left leaning" are (my observation) doing something truly nefarious is their "reporting". It goes like this:

1. Any story emanating from "the enemy" -- al Jazeera, bin Laden tape, a statement from the "Arab street" -- is presented unfiltered and without comment.

2. Any story emanating from the US administration, the US military or any other source aligned (or allied) with the US is both filtered and commented on.

What tends to set sources like Fox News apart from others is they tend to both present and comment on both "sides".

What I think the mainstream media find so offensive about Fox News isn't that they are wild supporters of the administration. It's that they always take stories from the "other" side and subject them to the same scrutiny as stories coming from the administration.

The best recent example was the story treatment of the prison abuse disclosures compared to the covering of the story of the beheading of Nick Berg. Most of the prison abuse stories including a lot of finger pointing and critical comment. Most of the Nick Berg stories were pretty matter-of-fact, sounding a lot like a story describing a car accident on the freeway.


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