Thursday, May 27, 2004


Anyone else see Gen. Zinni on 60 Minutes last Sunday? I watched part of it and then surfed away. He struck me as a bright guy who lost the biggest argument of his career (whether or not the US should invade Iraq -- he voted "not") and, upon losing, did the noble thing and resigned his commission.

Of course, he didn't come on 60 Minutes because of that. He could have done that the day after he resigned. He came on 60 Minutes to flog his book, Battle Ready.

Oh, and to trash the Bush Administration. He sort of believes they should do as he did -- admit they lost and resign. He sounded a little more rational than Al Gore, which is saying something these days.

What is verrry interrresting is not that Zinni authored this book, but that his co-author is Tom Clancy. Yes, that Tom Clancy.

Not too many folks have picked up on this one. Clancy has always been the unabashed supporter of the American military, but he seems to have drawn a line in the sand that some may find shocking. Why has Clancy decided to throw support to those who believe our invasion of Iraq was unnecessary.

More importantly, will Clancy influence others?


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