Wednesday, May 26, 2004


I've enjoyed reading Mickey Kaus for a long time. I don't necessarily agree with his politics, but he's fair and equal in his abuse of all politicians, so he scores high in my book.

His piece today about Kerry's strategy of not accepting the nomination at the DemConvention has me stumped. I'm pretty sure it's total sarcasm, but it might be the opposite. I just don't know which. Maybe I need to down another double espresso and read it again?

Anyway, the zinger for me was So they have crafted a cunning plan designed to get the TV networks to avoid covering the convention entirely (by delaying Kerry's acceptance), while the reporters who might otherwise be exposing Kerry to the world are convinced to stay at home. (Give up 'tons of free publicity'? Nothing's more threatening to Kerry than tons of free publicity.)

I have to agree with Mickey -- the more direct exposure Kerry gets, the worse people think of him. It's the "Dukakis factor" -- sort of like buying a product from an infomercial, but when you see actually receive it, you go "eeewww, what is this crap!"


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