Thursday, May 06, 2004


A blogger called Jeremy Brown wrote this a few days ago:

It has long been my conviction that the "enemy," from my perspective as someone who considers himself left leaning, has far more to do with a tragic potential within human nature than with a socio-economic structure, or with some Anglo-imperialist menace. Every individual has the capacity to abuse power, to treat others with cruelty, to violate the best interests of humanity. And sometimes this awful potential reifies into a social movement, a behemoth that can't be stopped except through brute force. This is why I'm opposed to what, since Mussolini, we can call fascism, and why I oppose it without regard to the race, religion or history of the people inflicting this sort of organized brutality, and why I support the tragic, morally poisonous necessity of using military force to stop it.

So when it comes to inhuman (read: all too human) brutality like this, we should consider that it comes from the same place within humanity that has spawned the atrocities of the Saddam regime, and all the other horrors of our human history. While I don't think it's my place to lash out at soldiers when I myself have never served, surely the behavior of these abhorrent individuals is an insult to the rest of the American military, and to the bravery of people, both military and civilian, who have ever lost their lives fighting for their country. These criminals should be jailed, as should the figures in authority who, whether through negligence or direct incitement, made this outrage possible.

For a self-described left leaner, an honest assessment. Too bad some of the politicians and media pundits on the left aren't as honest.


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