Friday, May 28, 2004


A year or so ago, I enjoyed reading the posts of Bill Whittle every morning on his blog called EJECT!EJECT!EJECT!.

Aside from well-written daily rants, he would periodically post an essay, which were also well-written themes.

Bill has been busy (I guess) because he hasn't written much in the past year, but he has posted a new two-part essay called Strength (part 1, part 2). One of Bill's strengths is his ability to craft a really snappy put down. In Strength, part 2, he says the following of the illustrious senior Senator from Massachusetts:

Senator Kennedy claims Abu Ghraib is simply Saddam Hussein’s torture chambers "under new management – U.S. management." Taking him at his word – a somewhat iffy proposition right out of the gate – he apparently cannot see the difference between the humiliation and bullying of enemy combatants, which is shameful, disgusting and reprehensible, and the gleeful, mocking murder, torture and gang rape of over 300,000 innocent men, women and children -- which is something worse. So Senator, here is a helpful analogy which you may find useful: The difference is about the same as pulling over and leaving a young female secretary on the curb in the rain, which is shameful, disgusting and reprehensible, vs. leaving her trapped in the car at the bottom of a river while you look at the bubbles and ponder the political repercussions.



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