Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Have you heard some of the claptrap from Kerry -- blaming Bush for higher gas prices.

Someone needs to get in touch with the Kerry campaign and gently suggest they hire an economist or someone who has at least taken an economics course or two.

The primary reason prices went up (effect) has been a substantial increase in demand for crude oil (cause). No, we aren't driving more. In fact, though I haven't seen the numbers, I suspect US demand is off.

However, crude oil is a global commodity and the increased demand from China has driven prices skyward.

Last time I checked, Bush didn't have much control over either the price of crude or Chinese demand. Oh, but of course, there's that conspiracy thing between Cheney and Halliburton to get all that cheap Iraqi crude.

UPDATE: The press is apparently on to Kerry's nonsense on this one. As this article says, the story wound up being "Kerry Blames Bush" rather than "It's Bush's Fault". Maybe the media is getting wise to the fact that, so far, Kerry hasn't taken too many positions that weren't more than "I'm Not George Bush" or "Bush Is A Bad Guy, Vote For Me". We're all getting tired of the blame game, John.


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